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walk abouts

and random truths

J.L. Clyde
i write and i am a perpetual student. i adore books, fancy hats, and noodles.
academia, anais nin, ani difranco, antiques, armistead maupin, art nouveau, bathing, battlestar galactica, bdsm, betty smith, bohemians, carson mccullers, changeling the dreaming, changing, charles bukowski, chaucer, cheese, christopher isherwood, chuck palahnuik, clarice lispector, collecting, comics, conduit, cooking, creating, creative writing, crying, cs lewis, dante, david mack, dh lawrence, djuna barnes, doodling, douglas adams, dune, dungeons and dragons, edgar allen poe, edmund spenser, el greco, erotica, fables, fairy tales, fashion, firefly, flickr, folk tales, france, freud, fruits magazine, gender studies, gertrude stein, granta, hats, hedwig, henry miller, hermann hesse, hp lovecraft, hubert selby jr., irvine welsh, italiano, jewelry, jody scott, john berryman, joseph heller, journals, joyce carol oats, justin huntly mccarthy, kabuki, laughing, learning, lgbt, literature, marguerite duras, marguerite young, metromint, modernist, monkeys, moving, museums, music, musicals, myths, nonfiction, noodles, opera, oscar wilde, ottis reading, pbs, perfume, persephone, phillip roth, philosophy, pink lady apples, poetry, pomegranates, pondering, powells, prose, publishing, pumpkin seeds, purple, rare books, reading, rent, roald dahl, roses, scarves, seattle, shakespeare, skirts, sleeping, smart bacon, smiling, sneezing, spices, subtitles, sushi, sylvia plath, talking, tarot, tattoos, tea, teaching, teacups, the beatles, the moth, the pixies, theatre, theology, theory, thinking, this american life, thrift stores, tom waits, tori amos, traveling, ts elliot, twin peaks, typing, used books, vampires, vegetarian, vintage, virginia woolf, wandering, wicca, witch hazel, wondering, writing